Aakash KT


I am currently a MS by research student at Computer Vision Lab (CVIT), which is where I completed my BTech in Computer Science Engineering. My research advisor is Dr. PJ Narayanan (Google Scholar). My research involves playing around with the light transport equation, in combination with machine learning (in other words, I work on Computer Vision/Computer Graphics). Welcome to my page!

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  • Technical brief accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019!!

Research Publications

A complete list of my publications. Not a huge list, but hope to work on many more interesting and high impact problems!

A Flexible Neural Renderer for Material Visualization

Aakash KT, Parikshit Sakurikar, Saurabh Saini, P. J. Narayanan

ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Briefs, 2019

Photo realism in computer generated imagery is crucially dependent on how well an artist is able to recreate real-world materials in the scene. We propose a convolutional neural network based workflow which generates high-quality ray traced material visualizations on a shaderball, in real-time.

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